Latest UIQ version gives mobile phone developers broader platform


The newest version of UIQ Technology’s developer tool for mobile phones will offer manufacturers more room to innovate and diversify their product portfolios, the Sweden-based company said.

UIQ 3.3, part of the UIQ 3 suite, is based on Symbian OS version 9.3 makes it possible for mobile phone manufacturers to produce different kinds of products on “the same software platform, on a single code line.”

The new version includes Opera Mobile 9 for a full-scale browser, Opera Widgets for accessing content and services, UIQ Dashboard for widgets, and unified messaging platform.

The company’s aim is to ensure a flexible and powerful open user interface and development platform to optimize options for manufacturers, as well as to extend UIQ-based phones in the market, the company said.

“UIQ 3.3 will significantly enhance the options for creating differentiated mobile phones for different segments and different price ranges,” said UIQ’s Mats Barvesten executive vice-president of product management and ecosystems.


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