Juniper, VMware tighten partnership


Juniper Networks and VMware are expanding a partnership announced last summer to unify virtual and physical data center networks  joint customers.

Announced Monday, both companies will commit engineering resources to jointly develop network virtualization solutions and build collaborative engineering teams in three areas, according to a blog  executives from both companies:

First, the vendors are expanding the integration of our management tools such as VMware vCentre and Juniper’s Junos Space Director so customers will be able to easily share data across both physical and virtual networks for dynamic threshold detection, trending analysis, root cause detection and automated workload placement.

“By intelligently sharing the right data via standards based APIs, we offer our customers “single pane of glass” visibility for the underlay and overlay topologies, thereby simplifying troubleshooting and making managing the datacenter much more efficient,” the companies said.

They will also unite switching and routing across physical and virtual networks to enable VMware NSX and non-NSX-controlled resources to connect with Juniper’s programmable routers and switches, which will act as gateways between networks.  Juniper will also deliver VXLAN virtual tunnel endpoint (VTEP) technology across its routing and switching platforms, delivering an integrated approach for routing traffic across physical and virtual networks on a per-flow, per-application basis to ensure the best possible performance for every application, the companies said.

Finally, the companies’ applications will share analytics and telemetry data which will help proactively detect and fix anomalies and errors without human intervention.



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