World Cup madness was still going strong around the globe in July. You can bet that scores of computer monitors in offices throughout the country were tuned to the games.

It was the perfect time to report on Montreal’s Accedian Networks . The company’s gigabit Ethernet demarcation points and performance test probes were used at the 12 stadium sites, broadcast centres and airports to make sure the huge volume of traffic doesn’t overwhelm the official carrier’s local fibre optic networks.

It was also about this time that businesses and individuals across Canada, were ironically being spammed by emails from organizations eager to comply with the country’s new anti-spam law.

IT World Canada decided to declare its position on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation with a special post from company president Fawn Anan boldly titled: Why aren’t we bothering you with a notice about the CASL compliance?

BlackBerry decided to break the smart phone mold with its new Passport handheld which sports a square screen and the dimensions of an actual passport.

After 15 years in service, Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian announced she was leaving her post. Brian Jackson, ITBusiness editor, snagged an exit interview with the outgoing commissioner whose career covered the rise of social networking, the need for the government to protect digital personal information and aggressive digital marketing practices

Other noteworthy development that month included:

Survey results on how Canadian security pros truly feel about their architecture

An Apple-IBM partnership

Satya Nadella open letter to Microsoft employees outlining his grand plan for the company