Researchers say that that Conficker-infected PCs react strangely when hit with specially crafted Remote Procedure Call messages. Here’s how you can tell if your machine’s got the deadly virus.

Conficker’s stealthy update

Conficker: Was that it?

Conficker passes quietly, but threat isn’t over

Conficker infected tens of millions of machines – IBM


Over the weekend IT World Canada editor-in-chief Shane Schick was interviewed by CBC’s Sunday evening news show about Conficker and the possibly grim outlook for PC users everywhere on April 1.

Conficker is coming: Are our domain names in danger?

For those who have been fretting over the imminent appearance of the wily worm Conficker C, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has been at work on a solution to keep .ca domains safe once the worm is unleashed upon the world, and thinks Canadian IT staffers and Internet pros should have nothing to worry about.

BitDefender claims it can remove Conficker BitDefender LLC of Bucharest, Romania announced software designed to counter the latest version of Conficker worm, also known as Downadup.

The search for Conficker’s first victim Researchers are tracing the activities of the notorious worm that infected more than 10 million computers to map out how the contamination began.

Hackers update Conficker worm, evade countermeasures

Two Confickers are better than one – Conficker worm spawns evil twin

Downadup’s calm before the storm One security expert said Downadup/Conficker is merely “dormant,” probably undergoing a test run before being unleashed at full force. What IT managers should be scouring for on the networks

The Conficker conflagration Three months is a pathetic response time for pretty much every business issue, but it’s particularly pathetic when you’re talking about an issue that could cripple your employees’ ability to work at all.

You don’t say… Conficker mastermind is Web’s most wanted

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