A report released Wednesday officially declared that high salaries have been replaced by less compensation-oriented criteria according to what IT workers deem most crucial to job satisfaction.

The 2002 High-Tech Worker Survey Report: Attracting and Retaining IT Talent in a Dynamic Economy, spearheaded by IBM Business Consulting Services Canada, found that when it comes to making important career decisions, it is job security that has employees concerned.

From its eighteenth position last year, job security moved rapidly up the list to twelfth place in this year’s survey. IBM Business Consulting Services Canada attributed this shift to a volatile economy where downsizing remains a top concern.

In contrast, the survey discovered that base salary and other compensation-related factors including bonuses, free parking and stock options earned little importance, according to IBM.

The survey looks at employment factors deemed most important to Canadian IT workers and addresses the degree of satisfaction of those factors in the workers’ current position. The 2002 results mark the fifth edition of the High-Tech Worker Survey report.

While job security bypassed salary, employees ranked respect as the number one priority in their overall job satisfaction. Other important factors included full health benefits, effective management, reimbursement for training expenses, opportunities for advancement in addition to working on assignments employees could take pride in.

Still, IBM said that in many of the cases surveyed, IT workers claimed they were dissatisfied with these factors in their current positions.

For more information, visit www.ibm.com/ca.

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