FOR IT WORKERS IN THE U.S., THE GLASS IS DEFINITELY HALF EMPTY. NOW MORE THAN EVER, they fear the weakening economy will impact their ability to find and keep jobs in high-tech, according to a new survey.

Seventy percent of 456 IT employees polled in the second quarter believe the economy is getting weaker, and nearly 60 percent said it appears to them that there are fewer IT jobs available. The results are part of a study performed quarterly to gauge the confidence level of American workers.

For IT workers, the second quarter of 2008 marks an all-time low in confidence and perceived health of the market for high-tech jobs.

“It is not surprising to see confidence levels continue to decline,” said Michael Winwood, president of Technisource, the technology placement division of Spherion Corp, which commissioned the survey.

The number of high-tech workers who said they don’t feel confident in their ability to find a new job also increased from 16 percent earlier this year to 20 percent in the second quarter. In addition, fewer IT workers feel confident about the future of their current employer.