Canada’s IT sector needs to market itself better, say experts

To encourage more youngsters to enroll in computer science courses, the industry needs to do a better job at spreading the good news around an IT career: It pays really well.

The IT ‘skills shortage’ squabble – A tale of five perspectives

There are few – if any – pat answers to the “hot potato” IT skills shortage questions – as attendees at a session titled Technology Agenda for Growth discovered.

Salary survey reveals a strong market, and the up-side of the skills shortage

A shortage of IT skills in areas such as application development and messaging administration is expected to lead to an increase in starting salaries for IT professionals, according to the “Robert Half 2008 Salary Guide.”

‘Sizzling’ IT careers market still evokes lukewarm response

A career in Information Technology (IT) can be very rewarding for those who choose to pursue it, but sadly fewer Canadians today are making that choice.


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Responding to a schizophrenic IT careers market

Needed – Total [IT] makeover

How IT call fill the engagement gap

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