MAY 21, 1999 Several Quebec-based telecom vendors, including Bell, jointly opened a new training school specializing in telecommuincations skills. “We’ve got to do something – the industry’s got to rally around and understand the importance of attracting students,” said the schools’ president.

MAY 22, 1998 Borland announced it was changing its name to Inprise. And a Treasury Board-commissioned report concluded that the Canadian government was well on its way to Y2K readiness.

MAY 22, 1992 Microsoft and Digital finally confirmed rumours that Windows NT would run on the latter’s Alpha architecture. Also, Microsoft confirmed that, since April 6, it had shipped 180,000 units of Windows 3.1 in Canada (nearly two million worldwide).

MAY 24, 1991 AT&T and NCR announced a US$7.4 billion merger agreement, together employing 300,000 worldwide. And in a feature interview, IBM Canada’s manager of PS/2 systems and software said: “Where is OS/2 going? My view is there will be DOS, OS/2 or Unix. It’s there and it’s viable…it isn’t going to go away.” ComputerWorld Canada staff