With the launch of Windows 8, some observers are saying we are truely in the post-PC era — that is, an era where the majority of people will use tablets and not desktop or laptop computers for work.
Think, as this piece in ComputerWorld U.S. argues, about pilots at United Airlines who now use Apple iPads instead of thick binders full of paper to access flight information. In an interview an IT manager for the airline says when it comes time to replace the iPads it might chose a Windows or an Android device.
The implication also is that there’s about to be plenty of competition as apps increasingly become Web-based so they can run on Windows, Android or iOS platforms.
(Apple’s iPad 3)

Certainly some knowledge workers can do their jobs well on a tablet — field service and support, for example. But I wonder if those pilots turn to a tablet to fill out a written report at the end of an eventful flight.
As a reporter who needs some processing power to access our content management system and edit still images (and possibly video) on the road, as well as balance a device on my knees for taking notes, I’m not sure a tablet fits my needs. But there’s no doubt from the booming sales of tablets, overall people are finding tablets meet many of their needs.
BTW, according to a recent Forrester Research report, in 2016 Microsoft will still hold 90 per cent of the PC market. In tablets, Apple will hold 41 per cent of the market, Microsoft 27 per cent and Android 7 per cent.
Let us know if you think you can ditch your PC for a tablet for work.