Corporate telecom managers always have to encourage travelling staff using mobile devices it pays for to use Wi-Fi networks when out of the country to save on cellular costs. But some charge users an access fee, or time limit access.

One enterprise provider of international Wi-Fi service to enterprises now says its network includes 13 million hotspots in hotels and on selected airlines.

iPass Inc. said Friday the rapid growth in its network has been fuelled in large part by the proliferation of home hubs and community hotspots, which are increasingly handling commercial traffic. The iPass covers 120 countries and territories.

For those who enjoy wearables, the company also said it now supports Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Gear S watch.

“We are proud to have innovative partners likes (U.S. cableco) Comcast, China Mobile and (France’s) Orange who have invested in building out premium Wi-Fi networks globally,” iPass CEO Kevin Kaplan said in a statement. “Their investments in community hotspots and home hubs have increased the iPass network substantially. The pace of Wi-Fi hotspot proliferation is not abating and a roamable, global alternative network of 100 million hotspots will become a reality in the foreseeable future.”

Twenty airlines offer Wi-Fi access to iPass subscribers including Delta, United, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad and Singapore Airlines. iPass also provides on-board Wi-Fi connectivity on over 800 passenger trains, such as ICE in Germany, DSB in Denmark, Virgin Trains in the UK and many other rail brands throughout Europe and Japan.

iPass said it has over 74,000 hotspots in hotel and convention centres worldwide. Subscribers also have access in select Hilton, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt, Radisson Blu, Regal and Novotel hotels, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

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