Internet monitoring company Renesys has announced a suite of services designed to provide ISPs with detailed visibility into Internet behaviour.

Renesys Internet Intelligence Services are Web-based offerings that give service providers a view of Internet routes in real time from multiple vantage points around the world. Each view provides different levels of detail, which are intended to assist service providers in making business decisions regarding their own services.

The Renesys offering is designed as a value-added service on top of the Internet access services ISPs already provide.

To attract and retain customers, ISPs need a level of “intelligence” about the Internet from both an operational standpoint — real-time information about their own networks — as well as a competitive standpoint — information about the performance of competitors, Renesys says.

The Renesys services are a set of three offerings: Routing Intelligence, Market Intelligence and XML Connection.

Routing Intelligence provides information to detect and correct slowdowns or interruptions to Internet connections. It correlates routing information across different time periods and from multiple sources, and can display real-time and historical information.

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