Skills shortage gets public attention

The Canadian government is now in competition with the private sector to recruit in an increasingly tightening labour market for IT professionals. A panel at this week’s GTEC 2007 conference discusses what the feds are doing to keep the talent coming.

Readers write back:

October 25, 2007 – As for training in the schools to attract new people going into IT, I think a larger picture for IT needs to be drawn. Teach business analysis, teach the financials aspects (to some degree). Let the students know that IT goes beyond the code writing and until they see the big picture, IT just won’t get the recognition it deserves in the Corporate world. For IT to be seen as something more than a “necessary evil”, they have to appreciate the affect they can make on a business but equally they have to be able to communicate it and be convincing or no one will take notice. Why do people go into Accounting? They see that those professions often do eventually lead or at least help steer companies. It’s time that IT look beyond the keyboard if they want to attract our next leaders.

John Brandwagt,