IntelliMouse Explorer mouse


If PC mice ran mazes like their biological counterparts, Microsoft Corp.’s latest line of mice just might leave the others in the dust. The company announced this week the latest incarnations of its IntelliMouse, which use IntelliEye–a combination optical sensor and digital signal processor–to capture “snapshots” of mouse movements and translate them to on-screen movements.

The second-generation IntelliEye technology captures movements at 2000 images per second, as opposed to the 1500 images per second of current models. And that, according to a company spokesperson, directly translates into “unprecedented precision” and 33 percent faster response.

The company says the newest IntelliMouse line will be available “by the holidays” and will include five models.

The IntelliMouse Explorer ($109) has five programmable buttons and a wheel; the IntelliMouse Optical ($74.95) is designed for both right- and left-handed users, and also has five buttons and a wheel; the Trackball Explorer ($97.50) includes a finger-operated trackball, five buttons, and a wheel; the Trackball Optical ($67) has a thumb-operated trackball, five buttons, and a wheel; and the Wheel Mouse Optical ($52) has three buttons, a wheel, and an ambidextrous design.

All IntelliMice work with Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000, as well as with Macintoshes equipped with OS 8.5.1 or above. They can be used with either Universal Serial Bus ports or PS/2 mouse ports, but not with serial ports.

Prices listed are in Cdn currency.


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