If you aren’t looking for news of a certain new smart phone this week, your eyes are on the annual Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, where the chip maker is showing off proposed devices for its CPUs and making some product announcements. Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening:
SiliconValley.com reports that a number of tablets and laptops were shown off, but company officials also predict that manufacturers will experiment with new formats. But one analyst quoted in this article wasn’t impressed.
(Crowds surrounded some of the hardware shown off. Intel photo)
Meanwhile ComputerWorld U.S. learned that the company is preparing the release of new server processors, including the niche Itanium chips used in high-performance data centres. Intel began making Itanium CPUs in 2001, hoping to capture more of the Unix/Linux enterprise server market. But as its Xeon server processors improved, the demand for Itanium dropped. Now Hewlett-Packard accounts for an estimated 95 per cent of Itanium sales. An Intel exec told ComputerWorld that Itanium continues to be profitable.
Finally, in its coverage eWeek emphasized that Intel has formed a partnership with Google to optimize the Android operating system for the chipmaker’s Atom processors. Intel-powered smart phones are expected early next year.

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