Intel Corp. and Broadcom Corp. settled Tuesday a trade secret-related lawsuit sparked by Intel almost nine months ago.

Intel filed a lawsuit against Broadcom in the California Superior Court in March of this year. Broadcom then countered with its own lawsuit filed in June, charging Intel with a trade secret cross-complaint. Both parties said all claims relating to both suits have been settled to the satisfaction of the companies. Terms relating to the settlement remain confidential.

Intel originally charged Broadcom with coaxing trade secrets from Intel employees during bogus employee interviews. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip behemoth also alleged that “nearly every aspect of Broadcom’s business – cable products, high speed networking products, even semiconductor packaging configurations – violates one or more Intel patents,” according to an Intel complaint.

Broadcom later requested a preliminary injunction to stop Intel chip sales, claiming that Intel used Broadcom’s technology to further development of its own products.

Intel, in Santa Clara, Calif., is at Broadcom, in Irvine, Calif., can be contacted at

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