Open source database provider Ingres hopes to move the Ingres VectorWise database performance technology to a beta release phase in March, Ingres President/CEO Roger Burkhardt said.


In an interview with InfoWorld, Burkhardt said VectorWise has achieved a 10- to 100-times performance improvement for data-intensive workloads such as data warehouse operations. The company has been working with Intel and VectorWise, which was spun out of Dutch research institute CWI, on the technology, which has been available in an alpha code program since last month and was announced in July of last year. General availability is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.


“This is really a fundamental breakthrough in database engineering.” Burkhardt said. VectorWise would add to top-notch analytics technology to go with the transactional capabilities of Ingres, he said.


Ingres has been looking for partners to help develop applications that leverage VectorWise. The technology will not be exclusive to Intel chips.

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