The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body that administers the address system and other technical functions of the Internet, said Thursday that despite the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, it would hold its November conference as scheduled, but would change the topic of the meeting to address issues of Internet security and stability. The meeting will examine the strength, reliability and security of the Internet’s address system, the importance of Internet communications during crises, proposed policies for dealing with crises and improving readiness for them, according to a statement released by ICANN.

Ignoring these questions in light of the attacks would be irresponsible, said ICANN president and CEO M. Stuart Lynn in the statement.

ICANN had asked its members to comment on whether the meeting should be held or not, and the group received a hearty yes, according to the statement. The meeting will be held in Marina Del Rey, Calif., which is where ICANN is based.

The organization doesn’t know how many people will attend this meeting, though a number of overseas members of ICANN are expected, said Mary Hewitt, director of communications for ICANN.

The change in focus will delay some business that was to be discussed, including international domain name issues, she said.

ICANN, based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., is at