IBM Corp. and Vignette Corp. announced last week a pre-bundled package of software and hardware designed to streamline the deployment of e-business infrastructure and reduce cost of ownership.

Combining Vignette’s Content Suite V6 with IBM’s eServer pSeries systems into a packaged bundle, Blue Pack aims to eliminate the piecemeal approach to building e-business infrastructure, which traditionally can involve stitching together products from a handful of different vendors, according to Greg Peters, chairman and chief executive officer of Vignette, in Austin, Tex.

“[Blue Pack] is one offering that pulls together hardware, software, and services so companies can, in one stop, get an integrated e-business solution up and running,” Peters said.

Integration with enterprise systems is particularly important for content management, Peters said.

“[Content management systems] are not islands where companies can select Vignette and are done with it. There is a lot of interdependence between our applications and the technology infrastructure inside organizations. This package with IBM pulls it all together, making it easier for customers to solve business problems,” he said.

Moreover, improving the integration between products reduces complexity, which can boost ROI (return on investment), according to Peters.

“Pulling together technologies means deployment can be done quicker and ROI payback can be faster,” he said.

Blue Pack is available now in two pre-bundled packages: One targeting small and midsize Web sites and another for advanced, high-volume organizations. The integrated package, which will be jointly marketed by IBM and Vignette, also includes IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition and DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition.