Computerworld (US)

Hyperion Solutions Corp., which expects to complete a buyout of struggling Brio Software Inc. on Oct. 16, this week said it plans to begin delivering integration hooks between its line of data analysis products and Brio’s query and reporting tools by year’s end.

John Kopcke, Hyperion’s chief technology officer, said the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company will release a complete integration road map later this year. But he noted that Hyperion’s plans include a common services architecture that will give users a single sign-on feature and other shared capabilities for the two product lines.

And by next spring, Hyperion expects to be ready to demonstrate technology that will support all querying, reporting and analysis functions from a single user interface, Kopcke said.

Hyperion is also working to tie together specific products. For example, links between its budgeting and business performance management applications and Brio’s tools are due this quarter, Kopcke said. That will let users craft reports that combine operational data from ERP and other transaction systems with finance information from Hyperion’s software.

Hyperion in July agreed to buy Santa Clara, Calif.-based Brio in a cash and stock deal that was valued at US$142 million.

For Brio, the deal has “brought a zombie back from the near-dead,” said Mike Schiff, an analyst at Current Analysis Inc. in Sterling, Va. “Brio is being taken seriously again.” For example, Brio and IBM last week announced two product bundles that will include Brio’s tools and IBM’s DB2 Data Warehouse software, Schiff said.