Hybrid card mixes analogue, digital signals


Sangoma Technologies has launched the FlexBRI card, a mixed modular design that allows customers to connect analogue and digital signal sources through a single interface card. The card was developed in response to customer demand in Germany for a basic rate interface (BRI) card that supports an analogue fax machine other device in a single-unit rack configuration, according to the company. Scheduled to begin shipping in the fall, the card will support up to four BRI ports and two ports of foreign exchange office (FXO) or foreign exchange service (FXS). The FXO, FXS and BRI modules are the same as those used on the company’s existing A200, A400 and A500 cards. The card will work with a variety of proprietary and open source software, including Asterisk, FreeSwitch, CallWeaver and Yate, according to the company.


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