Integrated systems are becoming increasingly popular in enterprises, which is why major vendors keep rolling them out.

So IT managers with HP’s ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA in their data centres may be glad to hear that the company is putting more muscle into the system.

As promised in March, the new version – dubbed Kraken but will be officially called the ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP Hana – will hold up to 12 terabytes of data in a single memory pool.

The bad news is customers will have to wait until the fall. Pricing wasn’t released.

HP said Monday that the 900 will be “a massively scalable system that enables clients to manage and analyze extremely large and diverse data sets from a single system to facilitate real-time business decisions. In addition, the system’s flexible configurations and high availability let clients consolidate mission-critical business apps to a centralized platform, helping reduce costs and simplifying the IT environment.”

Like all ConvergedSystem models, it combines compute, storage and networking in a single structure. HP says that increases IT staff efficiency with intelligent manageability features that provide IT a single point of management for the server, blades and fault-tolerant fabric.

In this case the 900 allows SAP’s Business Suite to run in-memory through SAP’s HANA database.

It will be powered by a choice of 6TB/8-socket and 12TB/16-socket processors from Intel’s Xeon E7v2 family of CPUs.

Along with the 900 will be a support option called Proactive Care Advanced, with a single point of accountability for support of all system components. There will also be new consulting services to help IT departments deploy 900 for SAP HANA systems.

While the hardware won’t be available for several months, HP (NYSE: HPQ) is immediately selling cloud-based services to SAP HANA through its Helion Business Applications for SAP solutions. Helion is HP’s distribution of an OpenStack-based cloud management platform.

HP said the managed cloud combines server, storage and network resources to provide customers with a secure hosted environment to run critical business applications with high availability from multiple locations—reducing latency and meeting data-sovereignty requirements.

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