As IT systems become more complex an increasing number of customers are turning to integrated solutions with compute/storage/software and networking bundled into appliances if not racks.

Oracle Corp. this week pointed to the success of what it calls its engineered systems in its latest financial results as one of the planks to its profitability.

Today Hewlett-Packard Co. extended its line of such solutions to include the ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA, built around its latest DL580 Gen8 servers, 3Par StoreServe storage arrays and SAP’s in-memory database.

“Organizations are adopting in-memory computing technologies like SAP HANA to turn large amounts of data into real-time business insights,” said Frances Guida, manager for the ConvergedSystem line. In-memory databases processes data faster than ordinary systems.

“At the same time they are looking for faster ways of deploying the infrastructure these systems sit on and are looking to spend less time on integration.”

The ConvergedSystem line, first announced in December, includes solutions for collaboration, big data, cloud computing and virtualization with preconfigured nodes. The SAP HANA  solution, which starts at just over US$87,000, can be up and running in 15 days, she said.

The base system starts at 256GB of storage and goes up to 2TB in a single system. A cluster can hold up to 16TB for a data warehouse.

Later this year a version now dubbed Kraken (apparently a legendary sea monster) will start with 12TB in a single system and scale up.

An optional ServiceGuard for HANA service tunes the system and includes automated disaster recovery and failover.

“We are seeing interest in SAP HANA explode,” Guida said.

The ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA can be ordered from HP (NYSE: HPC) or its partners at the end of the month, with delivery at the end of April.