HP Canada donates $775K to schools


HP Canada is dishing out more than $775,000 to help 10 K-12 public schools and five post-secondary institutions encourage technology innovation in the classroom.

The grants are part of the 2008 HP Technology for Teaching program and will impact over 4,000 Canadian students during the 2008-2009 school year. The money will go toward encouraging student interest in technology, engineering, math and science, and environmental science.

“Providing teachers with innovative tools and resources can have a powerful effect on student achievement,” said Geoff Kereluik, vice-president of marketing at HP Canada, said in a release. “We are committed to supporting education through the HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative as well as other programs in Canada, and we believe in the importance of technology in helping teachers lead their students on the path to learning.”

HP said it has contributed a total of $60 million in grants through the programs and have seen a positive impact on teaching and student achievement during the initiative.

The application process for the K-12 grant program was by invitation only and preference was given to schools serving low-income students.

The recipients include:

Alberta – University of Alberta, Edmonton; Wilson Middle School, Lethbridge; Harold W. Riley Elementary School, Calgary; and Prince Charles Elementary School, Edmonton

Manitoba – Hugh John MacDonald School, Winnipeg; Technical Vocational High School, Winnipeg; Shaughnessy Park Community School, Winnipeg; and Red River College, Winnipeg

Ontario – University of Windsor, Windsor; Ryerson University, Toronto; Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto; and Plowman’s Park Public School, Mississauga

Prince Edward Island – Bluefield High School, PEI; Kensington Intermediate-Senior School, PEI; and Three Oaks High School, Summerside, PEI


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