So you want to get a jump on this ENUM technology and prepare your own phone number for DNS? Simply follow the steps below, which were gleaned from an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) memo, circa September 2000. For more detailed info, consult the full text online at

    Write the number out. +1-416-555-1212Remove all non-digit characters expect for the “+” at the beginning. +14165551212Lose the “+.” 14165551212. Note: You hold onto the “+” in step two to tell the system how it should handle the number. The “+” denotes an open numbering system, but according to an IETF memo, the group had yet to discover a way to deal with closed numbering systems.Put dots (“.”) between the digits. the order of the digits. “” to the end.

Et voila! Your phone number is now ready for DNS storage and the impending global implementation of ENUM. Now all you have to do is wait for governments, their myriad organizations, technology vendors, box builders, software developers, carriers, telcos and other service providers the world over to agree on how to go about putting the protocol in place.

Industry analysts and observers say you shouldn’t hold your breath.