Finding IT workers has just gotten more difficult. Not only is there a short supply to choose from, but now organizations are realizing that they need to find the best cultural fit for their firm as well.

In a recently published white paper, Changing Trends in Information Technology Resourcing: Partnering with an IT Resourcing Supplier, sponsored by IDC Canada and Mastech Quantum, research results indicate that IS managers consider personality traits to be more important than technical skills. If the IT worker does not have the “right” cultural fit, then IS managers will have difficulty utilizing his or her skills.

Computer technology is now crucial to all aspects of today’s companies. Therefore, IT professionals must work in a variety of business and cultural environments. As such, companies need IT workers that can easily comprehend the varied arguments for the technology that they implement.

In order to ensure satisfaction with IT resources, organizations require long-term relationships with IT resource suppliers. The added value provided by a resourcing firm is its ability to provide this labour in a just-in-time, project-specific basis, as well as providing an accurate skills match and, now, the ability to place an IT professional with the appropriate soft skills. The new objective of a resourcing firm is to make the external IT worker fit in as much as the internal one does. This elevates the status of an externally sourced IT professional to that of a strategic employee.

The white paper examines the changing trends within the Canadian information technology resourcing environment and focuses particularly on the emerging concept of IT resourcing partnerships. To order a copy, contact James Forde at IDC Canada: (416) 369-0033.

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