JNBridge LLC has announced version 4.0 of JNBridgePro, which is designed to connect Java and .NET-based components and applications together.

From ComputerWorld Canada

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The Boulder, Colo.-based company also provides adapters that connect Java Messaging Service capabilities with applications built using Microsoft .NET tools. Version 4.0 lets developers access Java classes from Visual Studio via the Visual Studio plug-in. It also lets developers access .NET classes from Eclipse with the JNBridgePro Eclipse plug-in. The product includes full 64-bit support and data compression of large messages and arrays.

JNBridge says its software includes cross-platform exception handling, integrated object life cycle management, data type conversion and reference and communications handling. It also marshals and unmarshals objects. The vendor says developers can build applications on the same machine using the same process via shared memory, or using different processes via socket communications.