It used to be enough for IT managers to oversee the construction of a Web site with high availability, simple navigation and features to allow a wide range of transactions. Not anymore.
With more and more companies using search engine optimization (SEO) to get Web content noticed by Google and Bing, among others, enterprise IT needs to work more closely with marketing departments to ensure portals are not only earily found by their target audiences, but trusted. 
Phoenix, Ariz.-based Internet marketing firm Vertical Measures recently produced the infographic below to help guide business users on the myriad strategies to promote and grow the reputation of Web sites. Vertical Measures compares authority-building to a machine, and the infographic has parallels to schematic diagrams used in other areas of IT system development.
Not everything on this infographic would necessarily be handled by IT departments, but as they seek to demonstrate their value it behooves them to have ideas like these on hand to bring to the table and provide guidance and leadership to their counterparts in marketing. 
Does this infographic make sense? What might have been left out? And how much of this is the IT department’s job? Use the comments below to share your thoughts. 

Infographic: The Authority Building Machine
InternetMarketing Infographic by VerticalMeasures