Hortonworks unwraps a Hadoop sandbox


The open-source software platform framework Hadoop has become very widely implemented, however, it can be difficult for new users to learn because it requires considerable labour to install and setup as well as a Java Virtual Machine.

Hortonworks Sandbox now enables IT professionals to run the popular big data processing platform with an easy-to use virtual machine in the desktop computer.

Hortonworks Sandbox is a single node implementation of Hadoop. It is packaged in a virtual machine and comes with components found in a Hadoop deployment such as the Hive data warehouse, data analysis tools and HCatalog storage management system.

Sandbox users will also find three tutorials, videos and online data sets that can be used to test features.

Hortonworks Sandbox does all the installation work and users only need to download and run enclosed virtual machine. The virtual machine will run on either VMware and Oracle Virtual Box environments.

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