Global cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group today announced the acquisition of Securience, an identity and access management (IAM), IT security consulting firm in the U.K.

Herjavec said this acquisition will help it onboard unique proprietary tools and identity management talent. Herjavec plans to deploy Securience’s proprietary tools, including an all-in-one data integration platform Data Manager and its new product Access Anywhere, which brings IAM capability to mobile devices, immediately to enhance its identity service delivery capabilities. 

“We are excited to be able to enhance, expand, and grow our Identity services across the globe. Herjavec Group is well-known in the security space and our team is excited to be able to work with like-minded professionals that are as passionate about security as our team,” Doug Chin, managing director of Securience, said in a July 9 press release.

Founded in 2014 by identity management experts, Doug Chin and Mike Sims, Securience drives IAM programs for complex global businesses with the use of proprietary technologies for deploying and managing large-scale IAM environments. 

“As more businesses shift to remote work, traditional perimeters are rapidly evaporating, fuelling the growth for strong Identity services and products,” said Robert Herjavec, founder and chief executive officer of Herjavec Group, in the announcement. “As a result of this flexible workforce environment, CIOs and CISOs are challenged with the need to safeguard access controls in order to ensure that the right people are accessing the right data and systems for the right reasons.”