The Hungarian Zafi worm dominated the most recent (June) list of leading viruses, accounting for almost a third of all viruses detected by the global network of monitoring stations operated by Sophos, a major developer of anti-virus and anti-spam software.

“The Zafi-B worm, which calls for changes to Hungarian legislation, uses sophisticated social engineering tricks to fool innocent recipients into opening the attachment and launching the virus,” said Chris Kraft, senior security analyst at Sophos. “Zafi-B appeared on our radar screen on June 11th and quickly became a nuisance. It spread itself via peer-to-peer file-sharing systems and email using an array of different languages.”

The Zafi worm knocked Netsky and Sasser from the top position.

“Sasser fell from the top spot in June, which may very well be the result of computer users learning a lesson and ensuring that their computers were patched against security vulnerabilities,” said Kraft.

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