Hashtag Trending – Your WiFi’s at risk, AirBNB’s new API

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A hack for every WiFi network around the world has been discovered, AirBNB finally releases an API, and the first iPhone X shipment will be even lower than initially estimated.

From Reddit today: A team of Belgian researchers have revealed a weakness they discovered in a security protocol used by WiFi networks around the world. According to the researchers, hackers could exploit this weakness by using Key Reinstallation Attacks – KRACKs for short – to interrupt the encryption process, giving them an opening to potentially scrape credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, and photos from data as it’s transferred across a network. According to the researchers, the attack works against all modern protected WiFi networks – and depending on the networks’ configuration, could also be used to inject and manipulate data.

Over on Product Hunt, gig economy icon AirBNB has finally released an API to help companies build products incorporating AirBNB into their services. Released alongside a set of more advanced host tools such as improved listing management and advanced pricing rules including early bird and last-minute discounts, the API is not publicly accessible per se, but can be requested by developers through an application. Those who are approved will have AirBNB’s “global team of partnership managers” to help them incorporate the API into their online operations.

Finally, on Google Trends analysts are warning prospective iPhone X users to brace for an even lower-than-expected initial shipment. According to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report, iPhone unit supplier FoxCon’s first batch of iPhone Xs – which are scheduled to be released on Nov. 3 – comprised only 46,500 units. As Taipei-based Digitimes, which translated the Commercial Times report, notes, that’s much lower than initial shipment numbers for previous iPhone models, indicating the iPhone X will be very hard to find this holiday season. Analysts blame the device’s new “TrueDepth” camera.


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