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Hashtag Trending May 16- Trend Micro discovers Android phones shipped with malware; EU approves Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal; Google employees poke fun at AI products...

Android phones are being shipped with malware already installed, EU approved Microsoft-Activision deal, Google employees poke fun at AI products revealed at the I/O...

Hashtag Trending Aug 18 – Physical car controls are still better; Airbnb anti-partying tool; AirTag solves another theft

Physical car knobs beat digital ones, Airbnb launches an anti-partying tool in North America, and AirTag data helps solve another theft case. That’s all the...

Hashtag Trending – Classrooms ban phones, Facebook rethinking ‘likes’, Airbnb versus rental market

Ontario says no to cellphones in classrooms, Facebook isn’t sure about its own ‘like’ button, and a new study sheds light on Airbnb’s impact on Toronto’s rental market.

Hashtag Trending: Airbnb poaches Amazon exec; Cyber Monday breaks records; Ohio accepts cryptocurrency for taxes

Airbnb poaches Amazon exec for CFO, Cyber Monday hits record sales, and Ohio becomes first state to accept bitcoin payments. First up from LinkedIn: Airbnb...

Hashtag Trending – Airbnb as landlord; content marketing is broken; Trump’s SEO rant

Airbnb might be your next landlord. Find out why content marketing is broken. And Donald Trump complains about Google’s search results.

Hashtag Trending – Your WiFi’s at risk, AirBNB’s new API

A hack for every WiFi network around the world has been discovered, AirBNB finally releases an API, and the first iPhone X shipment will be even lower than initially estimated.

Poll says Canadians want more regulations on emerging tech

Baby boomers insist on regulating everything while millennials just want technological anarchy - well, almost.

The sharing economy: Airbnb

Aaron Zifkin, Airbnb’s Canadian country manager shares his perspective on the sharing economy and Airbnb’s success in Canada

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