It should come as no surprise, but the controversial UN conference on telecommunications has been hit by hackers presumably unhappy with the international confab.

Hacking Web sites is a popular weapon of protest these days by people of all stripes and the conference – which has been dogged for months with rumours – was a natural target.

According to BBC News delegates at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai suffered through a two-hour disruption in Internet access, while the public was blocked from the conference’s Web pages that outlined what’s going on.
Soon after, Network World. U.S. reported an executive at a security company speculated that the activist group Anonymous may be behind the attack, which he said was a scouting mission for a major attack this Saturday.
In a statement the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) said it’s ironic that those fighting for a free Internet are blocking it.
At the opening of the 10-day conference, which hopes to renegotiate the international telecom regulations treaty that hasn’t been changed in over a decade, the ITU said the conference will not inhibit freedom of expression or information.
Delegates from countries are expected to continue to try to thrash out a proposed new treaty for a few more days.
To keep up with statements, videos and documents from the conference, here’s a link to the official site.