An Ottawa-based company is unveiling the public beta of a workflow management product for creative professionals later this spring.

GridIron Software Inc. is calling Flow a “revolutionary new approach to workflow management” to simplify the design process for print, Web, film and video projects.

The product uses Real-Time Asset Tracking technology to automatically track work allowing an instant view of the relationships between different assets, however complex. For instance, the system can record Import/Export, Save/Save As, and Copy/Paste actions performed in a project regardless of the application. It also maintains relationships between stills, movies, sound clips, fonts, plug-ins and colour swatches on local network and removable storage devices.

“Since introducing Flow in January, we have received tremendous Feedback from customers, new users, partners, and the press, who are all anxious to get their hands on Flow,” said GridIron Software’s CEO Steve Forde, referring to the products unveiling at Macworld in San Francisco.

Towards the goal of shipping in late summer, GridIron is beefing up its software development team responsible for launching Flow with software developers and quality assurance professionals, the company said.