Google offers APIs console, retires some APIs


Google on Monday is rolling out Google APIs console, a tool to help developers use Google APIs in applications and Web sites. But the company also is retiring some older APIs.

The APIs console helps developers improve API usage across sites and applications, Google said. Developers who log in to their Google account can see what API projects they are working, manage project teams, get developer credentials, and view information about how a site or application is using APIs.

APIs for Web and local search are being retired, however. “As part of our ongoing housekeeping of our first-generation APIs, the legacy Web Search API and the Local Search API are being retired, to be phased out over the next three years as per our deprecation policies,” several members of the Google Developer Team said in a blog post. “We’ll also be tightening up our enforcement of the rate limits for these and the Translate API v1 over the next few months with an eye toward mitigating unauthorized usage, so we encourage everyone to migrate to the new APIs as available on the APIs console, or over to the Custom Search Element, the Translate Element, or the Maps API GoogleBar as your needs dictate.

Google also offered on Monday an enhanced version of its Google Custom Search API. “Today we are enhancing our Custom Search offering with the introduction of new output formats and a new API. Now, in addition to using the Custom Search element or the XML API, the new API offers search results using your choice of Atom or JSON syndication formats,” the team said.


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