In a further push into the mobile space, Google Inc. has optimized Google News for mobile phone users.

When Internet-enabled phone users visit, they’ll now see a news link that points to a page listing news headlines. Users can search for news stories from a variety of sources and browse based on subject. Only stories that are displayed on pages that have been optimized for mobile users are included, Google said Tuesday.

A line at the bottom of the page tells users when the information on the page was last updated. Mobile users will pay to view Google News only via the fees they typically pay to access the Internet.

The mobile news services is currently available to U.S. users.

Mobile phone users have other options beside Google for accessing news. Many operators include news headlines within their mobile portals.

On Monday, CBS Corp. introduced a service that costs users US$0.99 per month to receive as many as five daily text messages with breaking news.

Other Google services for mobile users include Gmail Mobile, local for mobile, which includes maps and driving directions, and a home page personalization capability.

In addition, operators and phone makers including T-Mobile International AG & Co. KG, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and Motorola Inc. have announced partnerships with Google that typically involve placing a Google search bar in a prominent position on mobile phones.

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