He’s six inches tall, made of plastic, and sports a pocket protector — he’s the GeekMan Action Figure, a computer nerd and tech geek superhero.

Created by Toronto-based Happy Worker Enterprises, GeekMan is a lighthearted parody of computer and technology professionals. The figure features realistic sculpting and can be posed a number of ways, the firm said. He comes equipped with five weapons of wisdom and tech gadgetry: geeky glasses, laptop, handheld computer, wrist watch and coffee mug. Also included is a secret Web site pass code.

“GeekMan’s arrival is timely, as he strives to save the tech industry from its doldrums and prevent digital doom and dotcom destruction,” the firm said in a statement. “He was made to represent ‘everygeek,’ the common qualities that exist in computer professionals everywhere.”

“It’s about time that the computer and technology world had a superhero of its very own. GeekMan was designed by geeks, for geeks,” added Kris Schantz, founder of Happy Worker, in a statement. Schantz spent five years at Internet companies.

Happy Worker’s team of artists and sculptors worked for 18 months on evenings and weekends to bring GeekMan to life. With a suggested retail price of $19.99, GeekMan is currently shipping to specialty toy and computer stores throughout North America. For more information, visit www.happyworker.com.