A persistent headache for IT administrators dealing with BYOD in the workplace is how to keep sensitive company data safe even as more and more employee-owned devices are allowed into the corporate network.

Fujitsu Laboratories is working on a solution to the problem which its engineers hope to roll out some time this year.

The HTML5 based secure application environment Fujitsu engineers are developing involves placing an app on an employee’s phone which enables the device to sense whether or not it is in the workplace. If the app signals the device that it is in the workplace, the device will be able to access corporate data from a cloud-based corporate server.


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The cloud apps are sent to the handset over an encrypted connection through a secure application environment on the phone. When the device leaves the workplace, the connection is cut and access to corporate apps is blocked, said Kasuaki Nimura, research manager at Fujitsu’s smart platform laboratories.

Since the transmission ran in a secure app environment, no traces such as cookies or temporary files will remain on the phone.

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