Fortinet has updated its application delivery controllers for enterprise data centres and managed service providers.

The company said Tuesday the three devices provide high performance,  rich features and strong security for high volume application environments.

The new devices are

–the FortiADC-1500D, which offers 20 Gbps Layer 4 throughput and up to 800,000 Layer 7 transactions per second. Aimed at smaller traffic volume or secondary data centres. It has eight gigabit Ethernet and four 10 GB ports. There’s dedicated SSL offload hardware that can handle up to 14,500 SSL connections per second. It also comes with dual power supplies;

–the FortiADC-2000D offers 30 Gbps throughput and up to 1.2 million transactions a second. It has 16 gigabit Ethernet and 10 GB ports. It can handle up to 31,000 SSL connections a second;

–the top of the line¬†FortiADC-4000D offers 50 Gbps of throughput and up to 1.6 million L7 transactions per second. It sports 16 gigabit Ethernet and 10 GB Ethernet ports. It handles up to 31,000 SSL connections a second. It comes with dual hot-swappable power supplies and a dedicated management port that allows remote control even when powered down.

The units also include global sever load balancing and link load balancing.

The company has also updated its FortiADC operating system to include two new features. IP Reputation is a subscription-based service that allows a controller to detect and block incoming traffic from known malicious sources. Virtaul Domans (VDOMs) allow managed service providers and large enterprises to provision and manage separate virtual ADCs using a single FortiADC appliance.