It was a bit of a stunner when Google exec Marissa Mayer announced she was taking the helm of embattled archrival Yahoo. News has since come out that Mayer is six months pregnant. Mayer claims she’ll only take a couple of month so of mat leave, and that she’ll work through it.


Forbes contributor Tim Worstall argues (under a poorly punctuated headline that obscures his point) that women can’t have it all, especially at the corporate pinnacle of the CEO’s office. Worstall has argued for years that, in his U.K. homeland, at least, there’s not a gender pay gap — young women on average out-earn young men — but a motherhood pay gap: Women take time out of the rat race to have children, thus losing opportunities for promotion.

Worstall takes credit for upcoming legislation in the U.K. that will change maternity leave to parental leave, which would allow parents to decide who takes off how much time and alleviate the problem, something we’ve been doing in Ontario for the past dozen years.