It’s best known as a place where regulatory issues are debated among incumbents and challengers, but this year’s Canadian Telecom Summit reflected how smartphones and other mobile technologies have made communication service providers an integral part of enterprise IT strategies.

Besides the usual suspects like Bell, Telus and Rogers, this year’s event attracted CIOs, CTOs and other IT industry stakeholders. Perhaps most significantly, it marked the debut on Twitter of Namir Anani, president of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), whose blog post about the conference was the subject of his very first tweet.

Vendors like Ericsson, meanwhile, used Twitter to show that what we think of “telecommunications” today is quickly evolving into forms of communication that go way beyond voice.

Of course, for some of the most complete and best coverage on Twitter, look no further than event organizer Mark Goldberg, who is already looking to next year.

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