Flash: Windows 8 already has a bug

The first thing almost any new software or hardware system demands of a user is to be connected to headquarters for downloading the latest patches and updates. Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 — to be released Oct. 26 — will be no exception.
As this story from ComputerWorld U.S. points out, that will be more important that ever. A vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player has already been detected, one that hasn’t been fixed in IE10’s code since it was shipped by Microsoft to PC makers weeks ago for inclusion in new PCs.
The story notes that until now Adobe has been responsible for sending Flash patches to users because for most the player is a plug-in to their browses. However, with Win8 Microsoft has integrated Flash into IE10. That makes it responsible for pushing out patches from Adobe.
The idea is to make IE10 more secure than previous versions. As ComputerWorld notes, Google’s Chrome browser also integrates Flash.
Adobe has already issued Flash updates for uses of other browsers.


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