Ericsson Canada Inc. predicts that “by the year2020, there will be about 50 billion connections in theworld,” said chief technology officer Dragan Nerandzic, who presented Ericsson’svision of the world in 2020 during a Mobile ThinkTank session at MobileInnovation Week 2010.

Until now, the focus of themobile industry has been about connecting people and over five billion peopleare connected today worldwide, he said. “Where we actually see the next targetis to expand that level of connectivity not only towards people but alsotowards devices,” he said.

Ericsson’s vision is one ofmachine to machine (M2M) communication, which means “we can actually startusing machines in a way that they talk to each other,” said Nerandzic. This isthe “new leap frog step” and “a major change relative to how we have beencommunicating in the past,” he said.

ComputerWorld Canada caught up with Nerandzic before his presentation. In thevideo below, he comments on the future of mobile networks.