Enterprises see green IT as market opportunity


A recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers global survey of 148 senior executives found that the growing number of green initiatives in the enterprise can be attributed to economic rather than altruistic reasons.

The Technology Executive Connections study “Going Green: Sustainable Growth Strategies” found that 40 per cent of the surveyed technology executives thought that the “green movement created significant market opportunities for their companies,” as many of their customers were indeed clamouring for eco-friendly products and services. Sixty per cent of the respondents said that energy savings was one of the most important going-green factors to consider.

It also found that 61 per cent of its respondents feel it is very important (29 per cent) or important (32 per cent) to reduce their environmental impact, and another 20 per cent already have widespread corporate green policies. Eighteen per cent are already do eco-friendly purchasing, a number which, according to the study, will rise to over half in the next two years.


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