There’s no reason to get up to scan a document if you don’t have to. That’s the logic behind KeyScan’s KS810, which integrates a built-in device for scanning colour documents right into a standard QWERTY keyboard.

The Jersey City, N.J.-based company says it takes about five seconds to scan a full-page, 300 dpi greyscale document with the KS810, which comes bundled with its NoTouch-AutoScan software but also allows third-party scanning applications.

The NoTouch-AutoScan software, however, lets users activate and complete the scanning process without pressing any buttons, simply by inserting a document into the scanner feeding slot. The scanned document automatically becomes a searchable PDF email attachment.

Dov Aharonson, KeyScan’s CEO, said the product has already seen early adoption by law firms, chartered accountants and health-care customers. “It doesn’t take up any space on the desk,” he pointed out, adding that the company’s research indicated at least 15-20 per cent of the market is in search for something like the KS810. And the demand wouldn’t come from speciality users, either. “I think it’s across the board,” he said.

Aharonson said he sees the KS810 being used to scan medical records, EKGs, insurance forms, business cards, contracts and receipts. The product costs US$159.