EMC Corp. has announced a new update for its automated network change and configuration management tool to address the increasing complexity of today’s network device designs and configurations.

The VoyenceControl 4.0 platform is a model-based compliance and configuration management tool that adds to EMC’s closed-loop service orchestration strategy for data centre automation. The Hopkinton, Mass.-based IT infrastructure provider said the updated tool offers new modeling, reporting, compliance and multi-configuration management capabilities to enterprises and managed service providers.

EMC also said VoyenceControl 4.0 offers tights integration with the company’s resource management software suite, EMC Smarts.

“When integrated with EMC Smarts or any other leading management software, EMC VoyenceControl enables fully closed-loop configuration management – automating and streamlining all tasks related to network configuration, change and compliance management,” said Chris Gahagan, EMC’s Senior Vice President, Resource Management Software.

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