Egovernment pact aims to boost service delivery


A collaboration that will investigate advanced delivery models for online services for citizens has been announced on behalf of the CSIRO ICT Centre and the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

Special Minister for State Gary Nairn, who is also responsible for AGIMO, says the partnership is a “significant early step” towards delivering on the Australian Government Online Service Point (AGOSP) initiative.

“The AGOSP initiative will usher in a new era of responsive government services,” Nairn says. “AGOSP will enhance the Web site to provide simple, convenient access to government information and services for individuals.”

Director of the CSIRO ICT Centre Dr Alex Zelinsky says existing service delivery models do not take into account the tasks a person is trying to accomplish or the context in which they are working.

“To deliver a service that meets a citizen’s needs and expectations, the system has to capture and adapt to these important inputs and that is what CSIRO will contribute to AGOSP,” says Zelinsky.

“Our expertise in search, information delivery, privacy and networked Web services will allow us to make significant contributions to this complex project to imagine and build the future services that Australians will use to interact with their government.”

Zelinsky says Australians are increasingly turning to online transactional services to conduct their day-to-day affairs and CSIRO’s goal is to contribute to developing e-services for government that are easy to use, meet the “real needs” of people and ensure security and privacy.

AGOSP will be delivered over fours years from July 2007, with the first release scheduled for December 2008. A second release will be in December 2010.

The partnership follows a previous collaboration between CSIRO and AGIMO to develop the first whole-of-government search service at


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