Only careless executives carry around data on a thumb drive. As an alternative, Montreal’s MXI Security offers the Outbacker MXP, which features AES 256-bit transparent hardware encryption and three-factor authentication (biometric, password and identity credential) for network logins/SSO, remote access, and full disk encryption. Public sector or private enterprise users can store 320GB of data on it and share it with up to four others.

I know cloud computing is supposed to be the next big thing, but I didn’t realize it would spawn its own breed of desktop. Yet SimTone claims its Snapbook, based on the Asus Eee PC solid state hardware, will operate without any local operating system or processing, with all computing tasks performed 100 per cent in the cloud. The company says it supports automatic tunneling to offer seamless automatic connectivity to any Wi-Fi, HSPA, EVDO or WiMAX access point.

Glacier Computer has been making rugged laptops for a while, but it recently partnered with IGEL to create a machine with a Linux-based image, the 5310 LX Premium, that would act as a thin client. The result, the Glacier Everest, will work in terminal application environments, as a virtual PC and with Web-based applications, according to the company.

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