HP is working the mid-size enterprise market with the EVA4400, a storage array that features a dual-redundant hardware architecture supporting local and remote replication software. This eliminates single points of failure and helps ensure maximum uptime, according to HP. Price: Starting at US$15,000.

Sun already offers a data centre in a trailer with its Blackbox, but the X8450 server module tries to pack things in even more tightly. There are four quad-core Intel Xeon 5400s, 32 DIMM slots and four x8 PCIe lanes to offer 160 Gbps throughput. The company is targeting the blade modules for virtualization (isn’t everyone?), database and other applications. Price: US$8,905.

Apple got all the attention, but Lenovo is hoping its rival to the MacBook Air will garner all the sales. The ThinkPad X300 notebook PC offers models that can be configured for extreme portability starting at just 2.9 pounds, or maximum battery life of up to 10 hours. The company built it out of advanced carbon and glass fibre — the kind of stuff they build airplanes and Formula One cars with — to make it more rugged. The big plus may be the integrated fingerprint reader and the ability to disable I/O ports for enterprise-level security. Price: US$2,799

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