Don’t expect to find this wooden laptop at your local retailer. Fujitsu only designed this cedar-based notebook with Japanese design firm Monacca as a prototype, to prove that the green IT approach can extend to the accessories as well as the products themselves.

This is a cool photo — literally. It shows IBM’s recent iDataPlex server design, which uses watercooling technology to run at room temperature. The red in the first shot, taken at Big Blue’s Thermal Lab, shows how hot it would be without the liquid-cooled door, and the second one shows the less humid version. Look ma, no air conditioning!

Ribbit calls itself Silicon Valley’s first phone company, but it might have gone unnoticed had it not entered a recent deal with Now, however, you could easily imagine how travelling field staff could benefit from voice-to-text feeding directly into their CRM. Great idea.

AMD is strong on the server side but PC customers are another story. That’s the point of its Business Class line, which includes its Phenom quad-core X4 9600B for US$230, the Phenom triple-core X3 8600B for US$175, and others. Intel’s VPro just got some much-needed competition.

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